Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Help with Hindi


Many of the visitors to this site find some difficulty in reading and/or inputting (typing) Hindi (Devnagri Script). I created this blog as one stop shop to solve these issues and I will try to update it with new information. It is mostly a combination of relevant links. I found Hindi Wikipedi to be quite informative in this regard.

Wikipedia Hindi

The following page gives information about how to view and also input (type) Hindi (Devnagri script) for different Operating Systems.

Viewing and inputting Devnagri Script

Some Hindi newspapers (Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala) do not use standard fonts and they cannot be displayed properly in Mozilla Firefox. You can install the Padma Extension for firefox for better viewing of these news papers.

Most users buy Keyboard with a layout of US English. Although you can add several other layouts in the Operating Systems, or in other words the computer can understand the input in other languages, you need to know which key stand for what. You can always go ahead and buy stickers for language of your choice and paste them on your existing keyboard. You can buy the hindi stickers at Latkey site.

Please leave a comment if you need some more information regarding viewing or inputting Hindi.


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